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Quality Six Sigma Green Belt Program

COURSE NAME:   ProXalt’s Fast Track SIX SIGMA Training Camp® (DMAIC approach)





This course prepares Project Team Lead/Project Key Team Member to learn essential skills and knowledge needed to pass the Six Sigma exam based on IQF (International Quality Federation) Principles.



ProXalt’s Fast Track SIX  SIGMA Training Camp® is designed to fast track your preparation for the certification exam.  This is not a fundamental Six Sigma course.  Instead you will learn essential skills and knowledge (DMAIC approach) needed to pass the SIX SIGMA exam while also listening to real world examples from qualified and skilled SIX SIGMA instructors.


This course is developed based on IQF Principles (International Quality Federation). This course is made up of Two Parts.

Part A – Fundamentals and Part B is - Application

DEFINE – the problem/the goal/customer expectations
MEASURE – defects and process operations
ANALYZE – the data and discover cause(s) of the problem
IMPROVE – the process, remove the cause(s) of the problem
CONTROL – so the problem does not reoccur, so that the process remains stable



By participating in the complete program you will have developed sufficient knowledge and skills in Six Sigma methodology by which you can improve or correct a product or process. 



Each participant will receive a complete set of training notes and handouts that will serve as information references.



Six Sigma emphasizes “doing right things right” and being process focused.

The course has been divided into 3 Segments and each segment is further divided into different modules. Every module is followed by a test and review. The course ends with a final exam and the participant is expected to score 65% or better.


  • Segment - 1
    • Preface
    • ProXalt Winning Strategy
    • Introduction
    • Discret Basics
    • Module—1 Exam
    • Continuous Distribution
    • Module—2 Exam
    • Statistical inference
    • Module—3 Exam

  • Segment - 2
    • Measurement Assurance
    • Module—4 Exam
    • Statistical process control (SPC)
    • Module—5 Exam
    • Process capability 
    • Module—6 Exam 
    • Segment - 3
    • Regression
    • Module—7 Exam 
    • Analysis of variance 
    • Module -8 Exam  


The following scores are required to meet the exam requirements for certification. Before full certification can be achieved requirements must be met for black belt projects.

Green Belt: qualification is - key team member leading small projects


  • Required Fundamentals Section Score - 50%
  • Required Applications Section Score - 0%


Black Belt: qualification is - acts as Team Leader to implement Six Sigma methodology

  • Required Fundamentals Section Score - 60%
  • Required Applications Section Score - 50%


This training program is scheduled to be launched in January 2012. Please check back for class schedule in late Dec.’11.